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Wiz Khalifa and Former Manager Benjy Grinberg Settle Lawsuits

Wiz Khalifa Benjy Grinberg Settle Lawsuits

Wiz Khalifa and his former manager Benjy Grinberg have settled the lawsuits they filed against each other last year, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports. In May, Wiz filed a $1 million lawsuit against the Rostrum Records founder, seeking to terminate a “360 deal” he signed with the label in 2005 when he was reportedly 16. The Pittsburgh rapper claimed that Grinberg “induced” him to sign the agreement against his best interest and profited from “virtually every aspect” of his career for more than a decade by self dealing.

Grinberg and Rostrum fired back by filing a $2 million countersuit against Wiz in June for unpaid royalties and earnings, claiming that they were owed a 15% cut of all his music and touring royalties, plus 20% of any merchandise sales.

In a joint statement released last week, Wiz and Grinberg said that “all disputes between the two parties have been resolved following a joint settlement agreement” and “both parties are pleased with the outcome and look forward to putting this matter behind them.” The terms of the joint settlement have not been disclosed.

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