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STYLE FILES: Chip$ Luxury Clothing


Last week, Randy and I headed out to the Winchester Business Center to link up with Daniel Simpson and Damon McCalla, the duo in charge of marketing and distribution for the clothing line “Chip$ Luxury.” The line was introduced in 2011 and features casual wear like t-shirts, sweaters, and beanies. Daniel is a well known graphic designer and videographer, while Damon is a student at the University of Technology where he is studying Business Administration. These two talented young men are making major moves in both the entertainment and fashion industry so we decided to get the scoop for ourselves.


AF: What is the story behind the name “Chips Luxury?”

CL: Chips Luxury, commonly referred to as “Chips” is a fashion house founded in 2011.  The company is a division of the holding company CHIPS. While the names of the founders remain undisclosed, the company was started by a group of fashion enthusiasts that decided to make clothing in their style.

AF: How do you define the style the brand “Chips Luxury” exemplifies?

CL:  Expensive taste is the style that Chips exemplifies, this is because the company places a special focus on high quality. We also bring the message across to all our customers that we believe our product is a luxury item, in the sense that our product should be special to the consumer.


AF:  How you define your personal style?

DS:  Inspired by high end mixed with urban street style.

AF:  I notice that Creep from Chromatic wears the brand a lot. Is he the face of the brand and how did that relationship came about?

CL: As part of the marketing plan, the company makes an effort to have people who are influential on our target market wear our attire. Creep Chromatic is an urban DJ on the rise. He is not the face of Chips but our company supports his style, and like our team he is a fashion enthusiast as well. The relationship between him and the company came out of a friendship with him and our marketers. An interest in the clothing grew and by extension he wears a lot of Chips.

AF:  Outside of Creep, which other local celebrities can we see wearing “Chips Luxury?”

CL:  Diplo

AF:  Who are your favorite designers/brands?

DS:  Pharrell, Young l, Nicky Diamonds

DM: Gianni Versace & Taz Arnold

AF:  What are some of the biggest challenges of your job?

DS: A challenge in working with this company as a marketer is the brainstorming process; sometimes coming up with new and attractive ways to put out Chips can be a drag.


AF:  What are the 5 fashion items you cannot travel without?

CL:  Cap, Backpack, Air Jordans/Nike sneakers, skinny jeans and Gold accessories.

AF:  What do you wish people would understand about working in the clothing/fashion industry?

DM:  I’d like people to understand that it’s a fun industry, challenging because fashion is always changing but I think if you believe in a style or concept and have a market for it you can be successful in any type of fashion.


Chips Luxury can be purchased by emailing orders to [email protected]

Follow them on Instagram: @chipsluxury

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