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EXCLUSIVE: Jah Cure Talks Music & Family With


After a very long day at work, I was excited to be en route to Grizzley’s Studio in Kingston, Jamaica to interview international Reggae singer Siccaturie Alcock bka Jah Cure at a band rehearsal. Upon arriving at the studio, I was informed that Jah Cure wasn’t there as yet and might not be able to accommodate Randy and I that evening because he was extremely busy. We were feeling disappointed, when all of a sudden this big GMC truck pulls up and out hops Jah Cure. He came over and greeted us and to our pleasant surprise, tells us that he’ll make time for the interview. Since him and his band were getting ready to embark on a European tour, they started rehearsing right away. Jah Cure’s personal cameraman was running behind so Randy became his videographer for about 30 minutes while I just sat there in awe. His voice is amazing! Listening to him sing live sounds even better than listening to him on the radio, he’s very in sync with his backup singers and band members. This was a great experience for me *all smiles* and I’m sure Randy had fun too, he got a lot of great shots.

Shout out to Stephanie (Jah Cure’s Assistant), we really appreciated your kindness.

Check out the interview and photos after the jump!


AF: When did you know that you had a gift for singing and song writing?

JAH CURE: When I was 11 years old, I realized that singing was my calling. I would normally sneak out of the house and enter singing competitions. On one occasion,  I won first prize, went to Sandals to have lunch and I got a fruit basket. The fruit basket was very symbolic to me because I would be the bread winner of my family. When I came to Kingston, one of my brethren took me to Capleton and I linked up with Beres Hammond, but then I got in some trouble and that was different ball game. I am the rose from the concrete, when I was in prison I capitalized on my writing skills.


AF: You tour a lot, what do you love most about touring?

JAH CURE:  I love touring because sometimes home is boring. On tour I get to meet people, make money, promote myself and my music..

AF: Based on the stereotypical dressing of Rastafarian entertainers, do you think it’s okay for them to dress like their secular (trendy) colleagues?

JAH CURE:  Hear wah, how u sing a how u fi dress, nothing nuh hard inna it. If u a bun out Babylon dress like a fireman. I dress elegant because I sing for the ladies, and sometimes I dress based on the crowd I’m performing for.

AF:  This has become one of my favorite questions to ask. Who are your favorite designers locally and overseas?

JAH CURE: Really and truly I’m very selective but I like H&M and Zara, they make clothing to fit my small frame. I like Louis Voutin but not for clothing. I like their accessories bags, shades, scarves and sometimes their shoes. Locally (Jamaica), I’ve worn stuff from Romeich and Rob Anthony, he’s from Hanover. He made my suit for my wedding and my outfit for last year’s Sumfest, and he also makes stuff for Winford Williams. Whenever you see Winford in those nice dress shirts, Rob made them.

AF: Who shops the most for your daughter, you or Kamila? And where do you guys normally shop for her?

JAH CURE: Kamila gets the edge for this one because I don’t travel to the US but I love to shop for her.


AF: What are some of your favorite foods?

JAH CURE: I love seaside settings; I love fish and vegetarian food. I don’t eat exactly how a Rastafarian should. I live my life free but I don’t  pass the limit, I don’t eat pork, beef, or curry mutton. I’ll have a piece of chicken too [chuckles] because mi naah guh hide like some guy weh seh them a rude bwoy!

AF: What’s the difference between your life then and your life now being married to such a beautiful woman and having such a gorgeous daughter?

JAH CURE:  Mi a come from nothing.  Mi use to live down a David House inna one room me and Jah Thunda, but mi always get respect as a yute still. Mi did have a high rank so mi did get a bed, di man dem wid the lower rank sleep pon di floor. That experience build I and I. Now, I have a home with my beautiful family. I am very thankful for where I am now and I give thanks daily. She can tell you. [Points at his wife] Mi caan believe seh mi deh yah inna mi house and a nuh bars mi a see. If nothing greater nuh gwaan fi mi, I can still say I made it but there’s more to come.


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