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SWAGGIN: Washroom Entertainment Talks Fashion & Music

Washroom Entertainment is a group of musicians, producers, and mix engineers from Jamaica that are making their mark.

Conroy Forte, Ryan Chin, Jathneil Randall, and Damian Mcgann are known for producing some of Jamaica’s most talented and known artistes. Their latest project is the “Poolside” riddim, which features Konshenz and Dario, Tifa, Fambo, Aiasha, and Voicemail.

( L to R) Conroy, Me, Gavin (co-owner of Niche Homme), and Ryan


I got the opportunity to interview Conroy Forte from the Washroom Team and I couldn’t pass it up. We met at the trendy men’s boutique Niche Homme, located at Shop 41 Pulse Complex, to check out some of the summer trends for men while we chatted. I didn’t interview Ryan Chin but he came along with us, and I must say they were two of the coolest guys I’ve met.

AF:  How do you describe your personal style?

Conroy: What ever looks good and is comfortable really. So, you will find me in a lot of Jeans and Tees.

AF:  What are your favorite brands/designers?

Conroy:  Diesel for jeans, Converse for sneakers, and shirts vary from Armani to Guess.

AF:  What are must-haves for this summer?

Conroy: My shades! The sun tun up loud this summer!

AF:  I notice that watches are a big trend in Jamaica. What brands are you into right now?

Conroy:  Breitling for Bentley Motors, G-Shock, or Armani.

AF:  You are about to have a launch party for your latest project, what would be your ideal outfit?

Conroy: Since it’s called the Poolside Riddim, its definitely gonna be swim wear. Shorts for the men and sexy bikinis for the ladies.

AF:  How do you keep up with trends?

Conroy:  Den nuh muss !! [Laughs] and from music videos online or magazines I pick up in an airport somewhere.

AF:  What countries do you consider to have the the best styles and fit in men clothing?

Conroy:  I find it’s between Miami and London that have the best styles. That’s where prefer I to go shopping.

AF:  Outside of the fact that you need talent, do you think image plays an important role in your career, why?

Conroy:  As a producer, image is not as heavily required as is talent. But as an artist? Damn, that’s at least 80%, if not everything these days.

AF:  Do you think Dancehall has lost or gained “swag” compared to the 1990s era?

Conroy:  I wouldn’t go as far to say its lost its swag, its just different. Kids are exposed to different music and lifestyles now, and this is all happening quicker than ever before via Internet and Media outlets. So obviously it’s going to affect what they like and, in our case, what music is produced or recorded.

AF:  A man shoes says a lot about him, what’s your shoe game like?

Conroy: I like comfort, so you gonna see me half the time in Cons or Diesel Sneakers (CLEAAAN). If I’m wearing a suit, you will probably still see me in Cons.

AF:  Lastly, why the name Washoom?

Conroy: My studio was actually the washroom in my house until I converted it. So now we rinse hits! [Laughs]

Check out a few photos of Conroy, Ryan, and Gavin, shot Randy Richards, below…

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Follow them on Twitter @WashRoomEnt

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