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JEKYLL & HYDE: Is Your Alter-Ego Tweeting for You???

Well, well, well look at you sending threats and @-ing complete strangers telling them “they’re dumb as fuck” because their opinion on which basketball team is better is different from yours. If I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re a bad little gangster, the only problem is you work in a government office, you hate your boss, you still live with your parents and you have no friends. Not to mention you have about as much swag as the Pillsbury Dough Boy would if he went to Prison.

Let’s raise our glasses to Social Media because without Social Media these Twitter gangsters would never have a platform. How else were they going to let us know they hate us for no good reason? Have you ever met someone in person and think, “Wow, what a sweetheart!” until you follow them on twitter?  This has happened to me several times. I have a disagreement with someone or they don’t like something I said, and instead of telling me right then and there, they go on twitter and rant about me. These things rarely bother me, it’s just Twitter. But it does hurt a lot of other innocent people who may not be as emotionally strong as I am. My whole view on the situation is like they said in that MTV commercial, “If you wouldn’t say it in person, why would you type it”?

It makes me ask this question, do some of us have an Alter Ego tweeting for us? A person that takes over our fingers when we log into our Facebook accounts? I’m certainly not the person who should be chastising anybody for their tweets or social commentary because I happen to make a living off doing that kinda thing and I never attack anyone with intentions to hurt them. Unless it’s an obvious joke, being a gangster on Twitter and then a regular citizen when you put your phone down could mean that you probably have an issue, and it runs deeper than just not liking someone but that’s between you guys.

Do not allow your Alter Ego access to your Facebook or your Twitter. The world has changed since those sites launched. People don’t just look at Twitter as a place where people ramble and tell the world they’re having Cheerios for breakfast anymore. It has somehow become a valuable source of information (Don’t ask me why I don’t think there’s anything valuable on Twitter), and Facebook now stands as a kind of make shift stand in police background check up tool. Trust me, I know this!

Not too long ago, I had a run in with one of my banks because of a joke I made on Foursquare. My situation, however, was slightly different and I later found out that someone at the bank did indeed have a grudge against me, but ask me if I care.

Until we meet again everyone! Go slow and pay attention to everything and everyone around you.

As Frank Ocean tweeted July 12, 2012 – “Actions speak louder than tweets/texts.”


Lauren O Lauren


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