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DANCEHALL EXCLUSIVE: 10 Questions With Konshens

I was invited to interview Konshens, one of Dancehall’s most stylish men, at his band rehearsal as the Subkonshus team was leaving for St. Vincent the following morning. After arriving at Pesso’s Studio in Kingston, Konshens was nowhere to be found, but I made the best of it and lymed a little with the Subkonshus band for awhile. When he finally arrived, he wasn’t pleased because a band member was absent. I allowed him to handle his business and then he was ready to be interviewed.

Though he wasn’t in the best of moods, he complimented me on my smile and gave me a few pointers about interviews, seeing that he has done so many throughout his career. The interview appeared to have lightened his mood because he was very pleasant during out conversation. Afterwards, he went on the keyboards and played while his friend took over the drums. It was fun getting to see that side of him. He also did a mini photo shoot with our photographer Randy Richards.

Check out the interview and photos below:

Ashlei: How did you get the name Konshens?

Konz: Got it from childhood days. My friends always said I like to put a reason behind everything we do and me always inna dem ears wid reasoning.

Ashlei: What inspired you to join the entertainment industry?

Konz: I’ve loved music from day 1. My 9-5 money was spent investing in music as a hobby. When I discovered that I had the talent and it could be turned into money, I quickly made the move. I also hated the fact that a soldier must refer to his superior as SIR!! So it was a love and money move.

Ashlei: Who was the first producer you worked with?

Konz: Cash Flow

Ashlei: How do  you feel about people calling you the “Prince” of Dancehall?

Konz: I didn’t know people called me that.

Ashlei: How does Vybz Kartel being locked up affect you?

Konz: I have to take care of these ladies ALL BY MYSELF!!! It’s hard work….

Ashlei: What inspires your hair colour?

Konz: The opposite of “ME”

Ashlei: If I was to look in your closet, what brands would I see both local and abroad?

Konz: All sorta sitten, very moody in regards to fashion so today me say dis an tomorrow me say dat.

Ashlei: Sumfest is coming up. The biggest one night show in Jamaica. What do you plan to do different from your last performance?

Konz: I think the last performance was a good one but the show was centered around beef and name calling so my set wasn’t publicised that much. This year will be no different, big set fi mek ppl enjoy dem time and money. Me an di ppl dem, not me an man. As for wat I’m gonna do, come look and see.

Ashlei: What has the overseas feedback been like since Bubble?

Konz: Huge, full stop!!!!

Ashlei: What other projects can we look out for?

Konz: The album is out since February and has been doing good worldwide. Two mixtapes in the works and nuff production under my label Subkonshus Music, Clothing line called OH’K for ladies, nuff shows local and overseas, few artistes fi sen a road to.  NUFF WORK!

Ashlei: Give us an Avah Taylor dub

Konz: Avah Taylor trod har owna path….dats why she boasy nuh bomboklaaaat [Smile]

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