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I’d like to welcome our newest Contributor, Fashion Blogger  @AshleiFearce. Fashion Block is the title of Ashlei s new column here on Avahtaylor.comCheck out her interview with Kerry-Ann Clarke (@KERRYmwh), owner of Kerry ManWomanHome Boutique on the beautiful island of Jamaica. Photography by Randy Richards (@randyrandeh). Enjoy!!

Last Monday, I visited Kerry-Ann Clarke at the Kerry ManWomanHome flagship boutique, located at 18 South Avenue, Kingston 10. Upon entering the boutique, I was greeted with a warm welcome by Kerry-Ann and her assistant, and by Randy, our photographer.

The boutique is very cozy, artistic, simple, and different. What stood out most for me was the “Lifestyle” area. This area consisted of Fashion books, scented candles, etc—things that I don’t normally see in a boutique.

Kerry had a hectic day ahead of her so we wasted no time getting started. Throughout our interview she was very pleasant and always smiling. 

Complete the statement…

  1. My Style is……………………Classic
  2. My Fashion Addiction…………………….Handbags, Sunglasses and Jo Malone Scents ( I wasn’t familiar with Jo Malone Scents so I googled it. The website describes Jo Malone as an exclusive lifestyle collection for bath, body, and home, that captures the senses of discerning women and men around the world. However, when I asked Kerry to described the scent for me she said,“Its just yummy!” lol)
  3. My biggest fashion investment…………………………. Was and is my boutique
  4. I’ll never travel without……………….My Ipod, Ipad & Credit Cards

AF: What are the best perks of being a boutique owner?

KMWH: The best perk is getting to see trends months in advance and as such getting to buy before they hit the stores, but the ultimate perk is being able to do what I love.

AF:  Describe the Kerry ManWomanHome customer.

KMWHDefinitely the fashion conscious & trendy women, women who want and love to feel good about themselves.

AFWhat are some of the brands you carry in your store and how do you select the items to be sold?

KMWH:  The brands change season after season. I select items that I personally like because if I like it I can sell it. I also represent emerging local talent such as jewelry designer “Peace-Is-Of-Bianca” and fashion designer “Lubica.” However, during my travels I always search for the next big thing.

AF: You know what a good shopping experience should be like. Where are some of your favorite stores to shop?

KMWH: I LOVE LOVE LOVE concept stores and small boutiques. Whenever I travel I literally hunt for them. I’ve discovered that the service is much better in small stores and the finds are so unique.

AF: We’ve noticed that you style Miss Universe 2010 Runner Up Yendi Phillips and TV personality Denise Hunt. How were these relationships formed?

KMWH: I was a judge in the Miss Jamaica Universe Pageant the year Yendi entered. I believed in her and wanted to assist with her wardrobe to go to Vegas for the MU competition. I made a few calls to my industry friends, who all pulled through, and the rest was history. Now, she’s one of my dearest friends.

With styling Denise Hunt, I’m friends with the producer of ERa local entertainment programand he asked me to style her for the show. Very simple and easy relationships J

AF:  Here on, we focus on celebrity fashion and style trends. Name some celebrities whose style you admire and your fave designers.

KMWH:  I will always admire Karl Lagerfeld, Valentino, Dolce & Gabana, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, and Emilio Pucci. Locally, I love to wear Lubica and Jae Jolly designs. I like to see celebrities who are constantly re-inventing their style, Rihanna, Madonna, and Lady Gaga are a few. Of course, I also admire classic style such as Kate Middleton. Charlize Theron always looks amazing and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy.

Make sure you stop by her store when you get a chance!

Check out her interview with Kerry-Ann Clarke (@KERRYmwh), owner of Kerry ManWomanHome Boutique on the beautiful island of Jamaica

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