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WAIT, WHAT?: Teyana Taylor & Miami Stripper Get Into FIGHT At LIV Nightclub

Word is Teyana Taylor and King of Diamonds’ head stripper Skrawberry (yes you read that right) threw down inside Miami’s LIV nightclub. Conflicting reports suggest that Teyana either got sucker punched by Skrawberry or jumped the dancer herself. Get the details below:

Last night it was on and popping at Club Liv in Miami.  The club was packed out for a performance by Mary J. Blige with appearances by Fabolous, Wale, and Meek Millz but things took a turn for the absolute worse when singer/actress Teyana Taylor got into a fist fight with a stripper name Skrawberry.

According to eye witnesses, shortly after Mary J. Blige sung Happy Birthday to Queen Latifah, Skrawberry approached the table that Teyana was sitting at and the two exchanged words. As Teyana bent down to put down her drink, she was sucker punched and all hell broke loose. Teyana’s crew jumped in and it turned into a full on brawl before Skrawberry was thrown out of the club.

An hour later, as Teyana and her crew were leaving LIV, the stripper’s sister ran up from behind her and grabbed Teyana’s hair and another fight ensued.  Two guys that jumped in the melee ended up busting through and shattering a nearby window at the club.

Teyana’s friend Hazel-E told TheYBF that Teyana and crew “laid Skrawberry out” and that “she left the club wearing her dress as a belt.”

After the fight, Teyana posted the following pictures on her Twitter page to prove that she didn’t catch any fade.


And here’s a picture of  Teyana’s opponent:

 Alrighty then…

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