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Melanie Fiona Covers VIBE Vixen’s Digital March 2012 Issue, Talks “The MF Life,” Heartbreak & More

Canadian-Guyanese singer Melanie Fiona’s sophomore album “The MF Life” just dropped on Tuesday and she’s the cover girl for the March 2012 digital issue of VIBE Vixen Magazine. Inside, she dishes about her new album, her recent Grammy wins, and her current heartbreak. Check out more photos and excerpts from her interview below:

VV: Tell me what should fans expect from The MF Life outside of the love and heartbreak.
MF: Fans should expect and can expect a really, really strong, really well produced album. You know, I really really do think I worked with the best of the best personally. I think that every producer and artist I got featured on this album really brings something special to this album that I don’t think anyone else has on their album, and it’s a power, it’s a strength, it’s an energy; it’s a very strong body of work I believe. I believe that the songs people have heard and the things that have been released, when they get the album, they’ll be pleasantly surprised. That’s not necessarily the bread and butter of the album. There’s really great hidden gems on this album, and I just think that it’s a really strong album that gives appeal to both men and women, which I think is a tough thing to do. I’m a girl’s girl, but I also appreciate music that speaks to men. I listen to a lot of hip-hop ‘cause of my brother, so it just kinda comes out of me.

VV: With your recent Grammy wins, do you feel more validated now, more solidified in your career?
MF: Hell yeah, absolutely. I don’t put too much pressure or weight on myself for the win, for the nomination, but it’s a great feeling. It truly is an amazing feeling to know you have the respect of the Academy and your peers in this community of artist and industry. It’s a real boost of confidence for me because I don’t really let it get to my head. When I started The MF Life, I had a real low in my confidence level because I came off such a high on the first album, and it was such a new experience. I realized people were checking for me, they were looking for me, and I really had to boost my own confidence in writing and getting in the studio and getting creative because I almost felt like I couldn’t do it again. What if I’m not as good the second time as I was the first time? And to know I’ve achieved these kinds of things in such a short career is really a great thing, so now when I know people are checking for me, they’re gonna see [the Grammy awards] and that means something. It’s such a huge validation for me to say I’ve been a part of Grammy music history and to be on a collaboration with such a cool ass dude like Cee-Lo Green. It’s a great feeling for me, and it really does give me the inspiration to continue to really outdo myself.

VV: As far as your current heartbreak, are you in a place where you’re swearing off men for awhile?
MF: I’m on a Melcation [Laughs]. I am like all about me right now. What am I going to do with my life, and what are the things that are gonna make me happy and fulfilled? There are some guys that can be around that, and be like, ‘Yo, I totally love you and I support you’ and then there are other guys who are like, ‘Ugh, you want too much! You’re too independent.’ And it’s like no, no, no, that’s definitely not it. It’s just the right guy who’s gonna fit perfectly into what it is that I’m doing; it’s just a balance. But no, I’m not swearing off men. I just don’t want men around for the sake of having men around. Too often, we make that mistake of keeping men around for the comfort, you know, just that dependency. I think is where the problem lies. And when you get away from that and just really be like, I’m cool, you can get a man in your life on a random Thursday or a random Saturday and it just adds something to your week rather than being dependent on it.

VV: Today, in this very moment, where are you? Physically, emotionally, mentally… where is Melanie Fiona?
MF: I am in a place of excitement and optimism and really being an open vessel to experience everything that life is throwing at me – good, bad, happy, sad, everything. I tattooed this thing on my hand called and it says “Live On Purpose,” and I’m really doing my best to live on that. Do everything with purpose, make decisions, own them, own who I am and be proud of that. I just feel like I’m getting stronger everyday. I’m just ready for whatever life is gonna throw at me, just bring it on.

Don’t you just love how Melanie always keeps it real in her interviews?!

You can read the rest over at VIBE Vixen and pick up a copy of “The MF Life” via iTunes!

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