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Drake Sued By Alleged Ex-Girlfriend Over “Marvin’s Room”

The woman behind the voice on the “Marvin’s Room” recording is suing Drake for excluding her from co-writer royalties. Ericka Lee, Drake’s supposed ex-girlfriend, says that it’s her voice featured on the drunk-dial anthem and she wants to be compensated for it. 

Billboard reports that Lee filed the lawsuit on Thursday claiming that the two had a romantic and business relationship between early-2010 and mid-2011 in which they traded song lyrics and discussed joint creative projects. Last year, during the course of their relationship, Drake allegedly asked her to record the song’s “hook” and “intro” and had agreed to split the profits. 

According to the complaint filed in a California federal court, Drake acknowledged Lee’s contributions to the song with text messages saying, “U basically made that song” and “It’s sh*t without you.”

The young lady asserts that Drake credited her as a “vocalist” on the song under the alias “Syren Lyric Muse” and that the song was registered at the U.S. Copyright Office.  On July 11, she filed a claim with the office, saying, “My works and voice are used on this work,” and about six weeks later, Cash Money Records countered her claim, saying Lee was “an employer for hire.”

Lee says that her relationship with Drake got ugly and ended after the song was released. She says that the rapper offered her 2% of publishing royalties and later, upon discovering that she had hired a lawyer, increased the offer to “4-5%” plus a $50,000 payout to go away.

She is being represented by Neville Johnson, the lawyer who previously filed a lawsuit against Drake on behalf of Playboy Enterprises for an unauthorized sample he used in “Best I Ever Had.”

Lee is demanding that she be named co-writer of the song and undisclosed damages for unjust enrichment because her “contribution is highly significant to the overall work.”


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