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VIDEO: Ashanti On ‘Access Hollywood Live,’ Talks Label Troubles & Returning To Music After 3 1/2 Years

After being on hiatus for three and a half years, Ashanti is ready to make a comeback. She’s launched her own record label called Written Entertainment and is preparing to release her first album this year since 2008’s The Declaration. The former Murder Inc. princess sat down with “Access Hollywood Live” to discuss her return to music, taking control of her career, and becoming a better businesswoman. 

On why she took so much time off:
A lot of things had happened. The label I was with kinda fell under an indictment and that actually put a hold on everything. It was like a black cloud that I had to kinda come out of and we had to do a lot of damage control. I felt like I wanted to distance myself from that.

I did Broadway, I did some films, I did “John Tucker Must Die,” I did “Resident Evil.” I had to just kind of regroup and say, “Okay, we’re going to have a fresh start and I’m going to try and put my business hat on and try and look for a different angle to approach the music because it felt like the industry was changing dramatically in those past three years.” We know that music changes and three years is a long time.

On what she had to do differently:
I had to approach things differently business wise. I have my own record label called Written Entertainment, which I’m super excited about. Being with the majors [label] taught me that I needed a way bigger percentage than what they were giving me. It’s about the profit share now and everything is digital and I’m cutting my own deal with iTunes. It’s about learning the behind thescenes to become a better businesswoman and a moguler.

Ashanti and Billy Bush. She looks great! 

Watch the full interview below:

Ashanti’s fifth album drops this summer on Written Entertainment/eOne. The first single, “The Woman You Love” featuring Busta Rhymes, is available now on iTunes.


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