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A Real Man Will Break Up With You

“A Man Never Knows how to say Goodbye: and a woman never know when to say it.” Helen Rowland said it perfectly! How many of you women out there just want to know WHY? My problem with a lot of men is they don’t know how to break up with a girl and it gets to a point where things can’t even be civil. Every time she sees you, she just wants to start crying and ask you why.

I am urging men to end your relationship like men. You started them so end them. You know, as it relates to relationships it’s all your call. If you get to the stage with your girlfriend where it’s not happening anymore, just sit her down and say this is the issue and I don’t want to be in this relationship anymore. Yes, she will be mad at you, she will evoke into a mountain of tears and say you’re ungrateful, but she’ll get over it and respect you for it. Men do this thing where they get annoyed, or tired of their women, and just find another girl. They basically leave the original girl to put the clues together an figure out that, “Hey, I think he has another chick.” Instead, leaving it in the woman’s hands to end the relationship because you’re not Man enough to do it.

REAL Men step up to the plate and will let a woman know what’s on his mind. Most of the time women just need closure. They have questions they want answers to? Just answer them! That way both of you can walk away with clear consciences.

Men don’t like saying goodbye because they like to drop in every so often and have some more of the cookies. If it’s not important to stay in contact with your ex, then avoid his hang outs and anywhere you know he’s going to be. Take some time for yourself. Make a positive bounce back and no rebounds that you’re going to regret. Sometimes it’s best to get off the scene for a while and lick your wounds, listen to some Mariah Carey or Adele, and wish him nothing but the worst in his next relationship. Then come back fresh and over it.

Women always try to dress up, hide the pain, and go out to get drunk so they can post pictures on Facebook and lie to the world about how much fun they’re having. You aren’t fooling anybody! Go home and lay down.

So what I’m saying ladies is this, A real man will break up with you, he’ll tell you the deal and you just have to understand that he is a MAN. It doesn’t always work out and although you might be ready to spend the rest of your life with him, it makes no sense if he isn’t ready to spend the rest of his life with you.

XoXo Lauren O Lauren

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