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ON BLAST: Amber Rose’s Ex-Publicist Says She Was Plotting To Steal Money From Kanye!

Earlier today, MTO broke the story about how Amber Rose’s ex-publicist Janero Marchand, who is credited for introducing Amber to the public and Kanye West, was fired because he tried to warn Kanye that Amber was scheming to steal money from him. When Amber discovered Janero’s betrayal, she reportedly snapped and sent him this nasty email:

“I will make sure everyone I know will not work with u b*tch! How dear u be in the studio with kanye and talk MAD SH*T about me!!!! R u f*ckin crazy????

I cried days for u Janero!!!!! I will make sure ur blacklisted b*tch! I trusted u and u backstabbed me u aint sh*t but a fake Phony ass b*tch ass f*ggot ass Snitch!!!! I trusted u and u back stabbed my worst then anyone ever!!!! Then u talk about trusting a stripper???? F*ck U janero! U gossip like a f*ggot.

Stay the f*ck away from me b*tch and please don’t bother to apologize cuz its a rap!”

Later on, Janero took to Twitter, claiming that the story is indeed true. He says this is the REAL reason behind Kanye and Amber’s breakup, not Kim Kardashian like she is telling the media, and that even her brother Antonio, who is her current manager, was involved.

He also posted this screen shot of the alleged email that Amber sent to him.

Wait! There’s more…

Janero told TheYBF:

“I was the person who introduced Kanye West and Amber Rose. Amber wanted me to lie to Kanye when he asked me about her stealing.  My integrity and morals I was raised on would not allow me to do something like that. I just want the public to know that I am a man that conducts my business with integrity and morals. And I support my clients 100% until they do something that is unethical or unlawful business wise. I never had intentions to speak on this subject, but seeing Amber being dishonest to the media about the reason she and Kanye broke up was the last straw. Kanye is a good person.  He helped book my first two music videos, and if it wasn’t for him co-signing Amber, she would not be in the position she is in today.

He then went on to reveal how Amber tried to steal his booking fee for the “Robocop” video:

That ‘Robocop’ video was set to really break Amber’s career and make her a movie star since 90% of the video was centered around her. It was a $1 mill budget video, one of Kanye’s most expensive videos. Amber got paid $100,000 for it and I was suppose to get 20% of that, but she had the people pay her directly and try and cut me out of the equation with hopes I never found out. I knew the guy who paid her for the video and he later told me about it. And when I asked her about the money, she was caught off guard that I knew she already got paid. And told me she only got $10,000, but didn’t know I saw the receipt of how much she got paid. So that ended our business relationship indefinitely.

The [Robocop] video never got released because of Amber’s infidelity. It was put on hold and never released after Kanye caught Amber cheating. Kanye to this day thanked me for my honesty.”

Do we believe him or is this a shameless plug for his new documentary dropping in February?

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