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Rita Ora Talks Jay-Z, Rihanna & Beyoncé Comparisons, And More

Roc Nation’s new starlet Rita Ora has been generating quite a buzz since premiering her debut single “How We Do (Party)” on Clear Channel’s Z100 with Jay-Z. She is also set to open for Coldplay on the European leg of their upcoming “Mylo Xyloto Tour” which kicks off in May. Recently, StyleCaster caught up with the Albanian singer and rumored love interest of Robert Kardashian. Peep the interview below: 

StyleCasterWhat was it like being discovered and signed immediately by Jay-Z? Tell me a little bit about how that all began.

Rita OraWhen I was 18 and I got signed it was huge deal to me. I’m a fan of Jay’s and Destiny’s Child and the whole movement. I was so happy and I thought that I would be the biggest star in the world the week after I got my record deal. Little did I know you have to record an album first! It was an amazing moment in my life, but I knew I had to get to work right away. I hit the studio immediately, and made sure that I deserved to stay there. I just worked and worked and worked until I got my album finished.

SC: Tell me about your musical influences.

ROMy musical influences vary a lot and people are sometimes confused about how they go together. Destiny’s Child is one of the biggest, I have listened to them since I was a kid. Gwen Stefani is a huge influence to me. She’s one of my idols. When people ask me about genres, I don’t know what to say. Music is music. On my album, I have the chance to put influences from a variety of genres into twelve tracks. It has a lot of reggae influences, a lot of No Doubt influences. It’s kind of like edgy pop. It’s not exactly pop, so that’s how I would describe it.

SCYou will probably face comparisons to Rihanna and Beyoncé — simply because of your affiliation with Jay-Z. How do you stand out as an artist in this crowded pop climate?

ROBeing compared to anyone as a new artist is a huge compliment, so if you’re compared to someone that’s already huge and has been doing their thing for years — I’m more than happy! I take it as a compliment and use it to my advantage. I’m just happy to even be compared. And my story is different from a lot of others. I’m not from London — I’m from Kosovo. I have a story and my background hasn’t been as easy as everybody might think. I’m taking advantage of every opportunity I have. My album is mostly about having fun with your life and not paying attention to boundaries — and partying and bullsh*t!

SCFrom numerous paparazzi shots I have to say that I love your style. Tell me about it.

ROI kind of dress like how I feel that day. I love fashion as much as I love music, and I think that it’s under the umbrella of entertainment and show-business and things like that. It’s so fun to play with clothes. I have some inspirations of designers and muses. Daphne Guinness is a huge fashion icon for me. So is Vivienne Westwood and the edge to her clothes. There’s not really a blueprint to clothes in my eyes.

SC: Who would you most love to collaborate with?

ROBeyoncé and Gwen Stefani!

Into fashion, has a killer voice and loves to party? I’m obsessed already. Rita is set to go on tour with DJ Fresh and Coldplay in the coming months and her album will be released this summer. In the meantime, check out her singles R.I.P and How We Do (Party),” and her official website for more info!


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