Lil Wayne Announces Cash Money Signed Limp Bizkit, Ashanti Could Be Next

Last night, Lil Wayne called into “Kiss After Dark” on New York’s 98.7 KISS FM and revealed that rock band Limp Bizkit is the latest addition to the ever-expanding Cash Money roster. Weezy told host Lenny Green: “As far as Cash Money, they’re always listening and looking at acts, so honestly, it’s like every other day I hear about somebody new just signed to Cash Money. Not speaking about R&B, I mean, just for example, the other day I found out Limp Bizkit signed to Cash Money. So they’re signing everybody.” 

Wayne also hinted that Ashanti could be next, saying, “I don’t want to step across any boundaries but I think we’re working with Ashanti right now.”

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst later confirmed the news via his Twitter:


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