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GET THE LOOK: Makeup Tips from Celebrity Artist Natasha G

How many times do we look at a magazine with Beyoncé or Rihanna on the cover and just stare at their makeup? I always tell people that less is always better. Wearing 4 to 5 eye shadow colors on your eyelid to match that green, purple, yellow and pink dress you have on is not CUTE! #FAIL You don’t need to use so many colors in order for your eyes to pop.

Start of with a solid color of your choice and pat the color on your lid for maximum pigment and blend. Use an eye liner, either liquid, pencil or gel, and don’t be afraid to experiment with other colors beside black.

Take it close to your lash line and even have a little fun with it by making a cat eye. Curl your lashes and then apply an extreme black mascara. Finish the look with concealer, bronzer or blush, and take a walk on the wild side by putting on that lip color you always wanted to wear!

Bright Pinks with a plumish undertone are best for Darker complexions and Bright pinks with a blue undertone are best for Medium complexions.

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